Dilantha B. Ellegala, MD, FAANS Joins Advisory Board of Xcelerate


Xcelerate, Inc. (OTC: UDHI) is pleased to announce that Dr. Dilan Ellegala has accepted an invitation to join its Advisory Board, effective immediately. A University of Virginia trained neurosurgeon and former Harvard Clinical Instructor, Dr. Ellegala is an academician, medical inventor, and entrepreneur, with in-depth knowledge of med-tech commercialization.

Dr. Ellegala has been at the forefront of clinical care and medical technology development for two decades. An honors graduate of the University of Washington School of Medicine, he served academic leadership roles as Director of Neurotrauma and Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery at major universities, a founding Dean for Global Health, and has had collaborations with the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at MIT/Harvard, Clemson Bioengineering, and private industry. He has authored over 50 peer reviewed research publications and holds multiple patent claims in ultrasound technology. Dr. Ellegala has successfully commercialized medical technology and applied it to advance clinical care. He has founded several successful medical companies including Sonospine LLC, a pioneer in ultrasonic spine surgery, and a virtual health company recently acquired by AdviNOW, LLC which applies artificial intelligence to healthcare.

Dr. Ellegala has received numerous academic and clinical honors and has been consistently recognized for his excellence in patient care. In addition to his pioneering work in the US, he is a testament to the transformational power of teaching and the ever-present potential for change in the world, as demonstrated through his training of health care workers in remote Tanzania to perform brain and spine surgery. His groundbreaking work in global medical education is documented in the book, "A Surgeon in the Village: An American Doctor Teaches Brain Surgery in Africa", which was written by Pulitzer-nominated journalist Tony Bartleme. NBC's Tom Brokaw described the work as "A lyrical, inspirational and altogether rewarding account of first- and third-world surgeons working together to perform neurosurgery miracles in the heart of Africa."

"This is truly a great day for Xcelerate," said Michael O'Shea, Xcelerate's CEO. "Adding a world class surgeon and medical technology innovator with incredible business savvy and people skills to our Advisory Board is exactly what we've been seeking to transition to our next phase of business development. Dr. Ellegala is a true humanitarian who is blessed with an abundance of innate goodness. I am honored to have him join our team and look forward to utilizing all of his extraordinary talents and abilities to aide us in our ongoing acquisition and product development efforts."

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