The Republik Wins Zinc


The International Zinc Association has selected advertising agency The Republik, Durham, as a "long term partner" to develop branded video content for use in paid and owned media. The goal is to make zinc "omnipresent."(Zinc's most popularly familiar use, as sunscreen, accounts for a mere 1/3 of 1% of global usage.)

IZA director of communications Rob Putnam managed agency selection. He states, "While our initial search was for specific talent to develop branded video content, the learning curve for zinc, given its broad range of end-users and applications, is steep. Changing partners is disruptive to both output and brand consistency and in The Republik we've found a partner that matches our marketing needs exceptionally well over the long term."

The International Zinc Association, based in Durham, N.C., was founded in 1991 by a group of leading zinc producers. Its worldwide membership now includes all major zinc mining companies, refiners, recyclers, and producers of zinc oxide, alloys, sheet and wire. Additional associate members include exploration companies and zinc users such as steel producers, die casters and general galvanizers. The element is a vital component in construction (45% of global consumption), transportation, and consumer goods (23%) including electrical and electronic appliances. It is also used in the manufacture of industrial machinery.

The Republik is a Durham-based, employee-owned advertising/branding agency. Other clients include Organic Transit, FHI, Hanwha L&C Surfaces, PrivatizeMe, Fayetteville Area CVB, 21c Museum Hotel, Boy Scouts of America Oconeechee Council, First Flight Venture Center, LexisNexis and The Franklin.

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